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Business English training, Treves group

Treves Group: an international leading company in the automotive sector. Contract in partnership with MBE Formation.

Skype training of the Marketing Director and an EA from Reims (Champagne) and an executive assistant from Treves HQ in Paris.

Aiming at increasing their business English fluency: oral practice (presentations, visits of foreign customers or at customers' abroad, attending professional events) and in correspondence (letters, e-mails, drafting reports and minutes of meetings).

Also coaching on:

- overseas operations: how to prepare paperwork and go through certification processes with authorities to export spare parts from France to their showroom in Wuhan, China.

- helping one of the sales assistants to officially upgrade to the position of KAM (key account manager): acquire methodologies to optimize marketing operations, issue punchy presentations, know the audience and cope with tough customers in negotiations.   

ESL remote (tel) training & business skills

via Skype Paris and Champagne